To develop and cultivate the vast area of uncultivable wasteland by using scientific  method and technology .To help India  become one of the emerging Super Powers of the world .To fulfill our social  responsibility by providing employment opportunities to the   urban ,rural and weaker section of the society . To provide affordable and cheap residential and commercial space to the society as a whole.
  Real Estate
  Tissue Culture
  Computer Software
  Hotel and Resorts
  Animal Husbandry
  Insurance Services

SAIDUO Reality & Agri (India) LTD. Was established under the companies Act, 1956, having its Registered office at Jaipur. The company and its associate will be developing uncultivable land, Residential & Commercial complexes, Sez, IT parks, Hotels, Hospitals and educational institutes.


The real estate sector of the economy has been witnessing boom and the development of Real estate, both Residential & Commercial purposes occupy central place in the economy of any country since this not only generates direct employment opportunities but also generates collateral demand & jobs. In India Real estate has emerge as one of the fastest growing sectors and is poised to grow from US $ 25 billion in 2007-08 to US$ 40-45 billion in 2010-11.further this have potential for accelerated growth.


In India there is 80lac hectare of waste land which cannot be used for cultivation. SAIDUO with the help of modern scientific technology and with good number of agro professionals technical expert in agriculture fields will develop the vast chunk of barren land into cultivable. To fulfill its social responsibilities, the company will provide employment opportunities, career growth irrespective of cast, creed and religion.



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